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Beeonfilm: About the idiot who does this…

My name is Peter Bee, (beeonfilm, get it?) I’m the wrong side of twenty and I live in London. I write this blog / site mainly as a hobby, as I love watching and talking about movies. I first started writing about films on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, that’s going back pretty far; 2002 onwards. During that time I tried my hand at all sorts of creative things; Acting, Singing and Writing being the main points. If I’d really worked hard and a bit more committed I might have made something out of those days, as it stands I was using the whole “I’m being creative” excuse for laying about on my ass and not getting or keeping a job.

In early 2006 this all changed, I wont go into my personal life but put short I had children. Twin boys and that really put my life into perspective. Responsibilities finally came down on me like a tonne of bricks and you can’t get much bigger than being a father! That all turned out well and now I have 3 children and a beautiful wife; though flattery will get me no where, I still leave towels on the floor and shaven facial hair all over the sink! I’m digressing but this made me get a permanent job and work my bum off for my family, it wasn’t easy to start off with!

You adapt in those situations and you find ways of still doing the things you love, movies was the easiest one to fit around my new busy lifestyle. During sleepless nights I would divulge my movie obsession and by the age of 4 months my boys had watched all Star Wars movies (rubbish prequels included), all Lord of the Rings, the Alien series and even the whole 9 seasons of The X Files! Doing reviews was just fun and once again its easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. One of my day jobs was working at City and Guilds; in their customer relations team.

I met some great people in that job and one of them was Martin, He shared my love of film and we frequented a local cinema. It was his idea that I think about writing reviews for a website seem as I enjoyed it so much. I contacted a few and one that got back to me was a website called The Smell of Napalm. An independent review site that gave me my big (or small) break; it was a review of the film Cloverfield that got me the work and my reviews began to be published. With my wife proof reading my work for me and being the sites most prolific writer (at the time) it was good. The highlight of this was getting to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX for free and being served breakfast before I went in (the showing was at 9:30am the day of the premiere), it was then I thought “I’ve almost made it!”

I tried writing for other sites and after some quite frankly rude feedback from one I decided to give that a rest and tried print instead. I got a couple of reviews in a local newspaper and even for a while had a weekly film news column, this lead to me having a film news thing on the Napalm site too. Both of these didn’t last to long and I was back to just writing the reviews, but it did give me important experience. On the advice of the then Editor of the Napalm site Richard Badley I started my own film blog.

The beginning of Beeonfilm, a delightful play on words I thought that worked really well and would give me my own brand name. The blog was only supposed to be an online portfolio; eventually I started covering more and more things on there till my most prolific time in 2010 when I started the daily Buzz. I remember reading other peoples reviews of films and feeling very strongly about them, thinking that some of these are a bit unfair and horribly biased. There’s nothing wrong with it it’s what sites like IMDB are for, however if someone went on there thinking I’ll read one of these reviews to decide what to watch, they might be put of something they may have actually loved. People also like debating films, especially the ones that get mixed reviews and I try to facilitate that. It’s interesting to read some peoples extreme views especially if they make some valid points (very rare on IMDB!).

This is where the USP of Beeonfilm came from, the lovers and the haters! Because lets face it, even the best films have people that hate them. Some of the poorer films you’ve seen are loved by some. This proves that whatever the movie; some are hated and some are loved and I’m here to help you decide where you stand. Whilst hopefully keeping you up to date on film news, rumours, new releases, awards etc…

2011 should be a big year for Beeonfilm, as it hopefully makes the leap from blogger (Thank you, you have served me well) to This site will be the staging ground for Beeonfilm advancing into other areas, Lovers and Haters reviews of TV series, Computer games and maybe even Theatre and Books who knows! I’ll also be talking to you through other mediums as my old friend Martin helps me out with a weekly podcast. All of these things are a working progress so I don’t really know when you’ll see them but you will. In the meantime thank you for reading my blog I hope you like it and continue to read.

Peter Bee

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