Thursday, 4 November 2010

Out this week: Cinema

Jackass 3D
So the fun continues in what really 3D has been waiting for, or you could argue what Jackass was waiting for. I'd expect more of the same gross out and extreme stunts that bring more vomit than they do laughs and a multitude of bodily fluids sprayed at you every which way! Worth a look if you have the right sense of humour if your not sure, avoid like the plague.

Let Me in
I'm not one to judge as i haven't even seen the original of this interesting Vampire flick. It wouldn't have been easy to follow such a well loved horror movie especially seem as it only came out last year! Seems a bit excessive but this version has been received quite well so far. The Children playing the leads are some of the best working in the business, Chloe Mortez was fantastic as Hit Girl with or without the c word! Kodi Smit-McPhee was outstanding with an incredibly moving performance in The Road, i say give it a go but see the first one, well first.

Due Date
The man who brought you The Hangover, has now brought you what is basically an updated version of planes trains and automobiles. With Zach Galifianakis in the John Candy role which should work well with his zany approach and Robert Downey Jnr playing the slightly unhinged everyman, which is pretty much what he is in everything!No complaints from me though as the Hangover was brilliant and the trailer looks great, I say catch this one while you can.

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