Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The rise and rise of Russell Brand

Call him what you what you want but he is funny! That’s what I say; a lot of people think that the eloquent and eccentric comedian is arrogant. I think he is too but the difference between him and others like him is that at least Mr Brand admits it. Prancing across the stage at the O2 in his last stand up routine, he took great pleasure in telling us that he LOVED the press attention for the stupidly named sachsgate. What did we do? We cheered him and laughed at his side of the story (for the record I thought it was all rubbish anyway!).

I’ll admit I hated him the first time I saw him (Big Brother’s Little Brother) he did come across as horribly arrogant and his comedy seemed solely based on sex and gyrating at the watching public that were brave enough to go on the there. My opinion of the man changed when by chance I watched Ponderland, his channel 4 series which he divulges what he thinks about specific subjects. It’s very very funny and does reveal a more what can best be described as normal side, in revealing his inner thoughts he is being frank and honest and allows the public in. So although still pretty arrogant he’s not ashamed of a past that almost killed him, in fact he’s quite aware that it has all made him the man he is today.

Ponderland made me watch his stand up, the stand up material of a man unashamedly telling us everything! For me that’s the secret of his success, he doesn’t hide behind a curtain of celebrity and revels in the news stories and controversy about his life. So much so that he uses his life as his material, kicking up some of the funniest material from a comedian in a long time. It’s refreshing to hear a comedian be this frank and a celebrity just living his life regardless of the press.

This honesty coupled with his brilliant use of the English language has also made its way into paper in the form of two very funny books. My Booky Wook is a startlingly laid bare biography that reveals the roots of this funny man. Articles of faith may not be seem as accessible as its mainly about the beautiful game but never fear for this is Russell Brand (said with rolling r’s) and as such skirts around the more football related issues, to bring you a very funny view of the premiership.

Of course this is Beeonfilm and we do need to address movies at some point, of course Get him to the Greek is out this week and one of our biggest imports looks to have finally broken into that difficult American market. His performance in Sarah Marshall a little close to real life for Brand but he played it so well, that’s why the character got his own film and to be honest I’m looking forward to seeing it and another stand up routine not to mention My Booky Wook 2! More from you Mr Brand more from you please!

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