Thursday, 4 June 2009

This is late... what a jackass

Well I have no excuse for this rather late entry, it has been a miserable couple of weeks. Firstly you have to see this…

It’s really exciting but only if your geek and appreciate these kinda things. Then again if your really hardcore you may not like the look of any or all of these but what the hey, they look good.

I have watched far to may movies in the last week or so to even bother mentioning them all; I did watch the second Jackass last night. I don’t know if it’s me getting older and mature but the majority of the film I spent shaking my head and not laughing, only 3 maybe 4 years ago I probably would have laughed the whole way through and I stress probably. I just found half the things they did moronic and the laughter from them seemed to over the top for my liking but what do I know, I don’t eat horse poo for money.

The next piece of news makes me so angry I feel like smashing my head down on this keyboard, first read…

Yeah I know the predator reboot/remake/sequel whatever you want to call it looks like it is still going ahead! I can’t believe this, even if Arnie came back to acting he’s to old now. Oh man this is annoying.

More news, this time for xmen franchise, after the disappointment of The Last Stand and this summers Wolverine its looking bleak. Well now theirs First Class, with some of the younger mutants taking the limelight, well Anna Paquin who plays Rogue is up for it…

Right I’m off now, sorry there’s not more but I really need to sort dinner…

Take care.

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