Monday, 18 May 2009

A little late, but by no means lacking in quality...

Well I did start writing this yesterday, but seem as my Pc has decided it hates blogger I thought I would try today instead. So where was I yesterday well it has been an interesting week with hopefully a very good week to come with two interviews I could be back at work soon, yay! No more job centre for me, thank Christ!

Anyway, I saw Star Trek last night and much like my working life it looks like it has been re animated. My first message is to those who think Star Trek is the domain of geeks who dress up as Klingons or learn Vulcan, geeky Star Trek this is not. Its action packed and fast paced from the word go and it hardly lets up. All of the cast are brilliant as their predecessors and very enjoyable to watch, even very funny in places. Go see it or check out my review on my usual site if you want some more details, I will of course post it.

I did also watch 10 things I hate about you over the week, the first time I had seen it. It was good, most of these teen comedies feel like guilty pleasures when watched especially when you’re not a teenager. This one especially so, as it cleverly use’s Shakespeare’s basic premise of Taming of the Shrew to make a very entertaining witty film. Heath Ledger is great in it and I bring him up because its sad watching anything with him in anymore, knowing that a young actor was just getting to the top of his game when tragedy struck.

Well I didn’t really watch anything else and I wont count Carry on Cleo that was on ITV, so some news. Bradley Cooper who is the jock in Wedding Crashers and he’s also in this summers The Hangover is rumoured to be cast as face in next years film version of the A-Team. I don’t really know much about this actor so I wont hazard a guess as to whether that is good casting but either way I think an A-Team movie is a bad idea.

Ok with that I’m off; I have some interviews to prepare for. So the other day I discovered that according to the laws of entropy, the universe itself with eventually whither and die, making everything you do pointless, so you may as well just keep watching and reading.

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