Monday, 28 July 2008

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

I finally got around to watching this last night and I must say, I am hugely disappointed! Put simply this film is supposed to be a musical but every time someone opens their mouth (that includes the ever charming Johnny Depp and the British institution that is Alan Rickman) you feel like forwarding it, or putting your fingers in you ears!

A musical should have catchy music and memorable lyrics; only one song in this entire film is any good! The saddest thing is that every time there is no singing its actually quite a good film, with some great performances from an all star and dependable cast, a script full of some great witty lines and directed as you’d imagine a Tim Burton film to be.

Saying all of that is anyone else fed up of Tim Burton’s style? I mean there’s no doubt he can really do it well, but when every film looks the same it just creates this barrier between the film and the audience. Everyone knows when they see that Tim Burton is directing they know what they are going to see before they’ve seen it, is that a good thing?


Tim everyone knows your good at this Gothic eccentric style please try something else!

Well here is some great casting news for Tim’s next one, Alice in Wonderland

check out Sweeney Todd yourself

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